I am Nigel MacDonald Holder BSc. the Manager of NigHol Enterprises which was started in 1981 as a hobby and is now a full time business. We specialise in educational materials for children and adults. These materials include toys, books, kits, software, video and tapes etc. We specifically promote self development materials.

We have also been promoting Healthy Cooking with our Camelot line of stainless steel cookware by Regal Ware. This is a once in a lifetime investment in your health which also saves you money. We have been selling this cookware since 1982 and all our customers are still happy with their investment.

Drinking pure water is very important to our health, thats why so many people drink bottled water. But in every case when you drink bottled water you can not be sure that you are getting pure water. You would have seen the stories in the press on bottled water tested and found with impurities.
Your solution to this problem is to distill your own pure distilled water. We supply the Water Wise 5000 which will distill your own pure distilled water. With the Water Wise 5000 you can be sure you are drinking pure water which will do the job it is supposed to do, clean out your system not contaminate it.

We supply top quality herbal supplements and vitamins and you can start your own Home Business doing the same and encouraging others to do the same. This will provide you with a retirement income that starts paying from the time you recruit your first Distributor and increases every month. For the catalog of products and details of the business program visit this site and click US

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