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[Left] Brookwood™ Folding Clock and Picture Frame. The clock has a second hand and uses 1AA battery (not included). The picture frame holds a 3-1/2" x 5" picture. Both are encircled with gold color trim to make an exciting dual frame. Price Bds. $25.00

[Right] Brookwood™ Swivel Quartz Desk Clock. The matte black orb (circular clock) hangs above the matching black base giving an impression of time suspended. It is relieved with a silver slash at the quarter hours and has a second hand. Stands 4-5/8" tall, 5-5/8" wide and 1-5/8" deep. Pick it up and the hefty feel lets you know it is a quality timepiece. Quartz movement. Uses 1AA battery (not included). Price Bds. $15.00

[Left] If you prepare your own food, you will need the hygienically safe SuperBoard™ Sanitary Poly Cutting Board. The extra strength of this cutting board stands up under years of use and yet won’t dull knives. Dishwasher safe. Even the most stubborn stain will wipe clean with powdered cleaner. Price Bds. $20.00

[Right] Chefmaster™ Smokeless Indoor Stove Top Barbecue Grill. This 13" iron grill works on standard electric, gas or propane stoves. The water-filled outer ring catches fat and juices during cooking, eliminating smoke and splattering. The high quality, non-stick surface insures easy clean up. Price Bds. $25.00

[Left] 2pc Carving Set in wooden box. This set includes the fork and knife needed for carving all of your holiday meals. Each has a full tang design for durability. There is also a wooden box to store your utensils in for easy access. Price Bds. $15.00

[Right] Knife Set with cutting board. Be a chef-on-the-go with this complete knife set which includes chef, slicer, boning, utility, and paring knives all of which are housed in a protective case with a 4mm cutting board and sharpening steel. Polypropylene case. Price Bds. $60.00